2019 Retrospective

2019 Retrospective

In 2019 my literary journey has reached some new turns in the road. Although longer works are still in progress (plotting underway, let the interweaving begin), I’ve met some satisfying milestones. Selling short fiction to magazines has been one of those things that felt like a required stamp on my Writer CardTM. Semi-pro so far; hey, progress! And many thanks to those editors who believed in my works! With great joy, my novel Havesskadi has received the Rainbow Award for Best Asexual Debut Book. Celebrations are in order, with cake of the black-grey-white-purple variety (get it?).

That said, here are my works of 2019. This list serves as an award eligibility post, too!

  • Erebus (2019) Short Story (1400 words): Science Fiction, Space, Mythology, Death, Slipstream. Selene Quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 2 | Online here | Semi-pro.
  • Peripheric Synthesized (2019) Flash (900 words): Science Fiction, Space, Artificial Intelligence, Fictional Non-fiction, Time Travel. Sci Phi Journal, Issue 3/2019 | Online here | Semi-pro.
  • Snowdrop in a Storm (2019) Novella (18300 words): Contemporary, Holiday, Interracial, Transgender, Romance. Publisher: NineStar Press; Snow Globes Series.
  • Sunbound (2019) Flash (900 words): Science Fiction, Winter holidays. Anthology: Gay Apparel | A queer holiday charity anthology project collecting stories from all over the world | Counts as self-published.
  • Across the Mirror Lake (2019) Flash (300 words): Science Fiction, Space Travel, Portals, Transgender. Anthology: Migration | Publisher Other Worlds Ink | This work has been part of Queer Sci Fi’s Sixth Annual Flash Fiction Contest and has received an honorable mention.

In 2020 new releases await impatiently, just around the corner. In 2021, it will be an immense honor to be part of the excellent lineup for the Trans-Galactic Bike Ride: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories of Transgender and Nonbinary Adventurers.

Stay tuned, and remember: keep your hands, arms, tentacles and antennae inside the train at all times!

Happy New Year!

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