2023 Award Eligibility Post

2023 Award Eligibility Post

2023 has been one of those years that shines in your eye and leaves everything else faded and blurred. Here is the literary loot:

  • From Within (3k words) is a science fiction short story part of House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature Volume 4, in which the last of the fuzzies and the last of the humans plan an evolution-knowledge epidemic in an AI-populated dystopia.
  • The Confessionist (1.7k words) is a science fiction short story with its first audio-format publication in 2023 from Escape Pod (originally part of the anthology Magic Pens in 2020)
  • Refuge (366 words) is a science fiction flash story published as part of Paranatellonta‘s 10th anniversary.
  • Take Your Seat (800 words) is a speculative story published in Transoughts, a special edition (#25) of the Konstruksjon zine, in Bergen, Norway, on 22 May 2023. The issue compiles texts and artwork from a group of transgender and nonbinary writers and artists. The story was performed live during the event Prøverommet at Bergen Assembly and is accompanied by a visual piece (digital painting mixed with photography).

Alia Terra: Stories from the Dragon Realm, the illustrated (by Matt Spencer!) fairy tale book in English and Romanian from Atthis Arts now has a coloring book version available, select it from the drop-down list here! And the exclusive D20 designed for the book is here.

digital painting on photography, a series of beads in motion appear fluid; one central bead in tones of pink and light blue stands out.

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