Alia Terra: The genders of words and pronouns in Romanian

Alia Terra: The genders of words and pronouns in Romanian

photo of sunset over cityscape with handwriting of phrases in romanian and english: Domnia sa, soarele, surprins la apus. and Their lordship, the sun, surprised while setting.

As the Dragon Realm buzzes with news of the three stories, my first update to the project talks about the genders of words and pronouns in Romanian. Currently, in Romanian, we don’t have an official, ungendered, third person pronoun. What we do have is a polite, formal set. Dumneasa, in third person. It means, in literal translation, “their lordship” as it’s the modern, compact form of “domnia sa.” More about this here.

We are absolutely thrilled to have reached our first goal for Alia Terra! Thank you everyone! Minimum funding gives us one illustration per story, but if you’re like me, your inner dragon will want the hoard of pretty drawings to increase! Emily’s update talks about what happens next.

Alia Terra’s talented illustrator, Matthew Spencer, talks about his process and the stages of our main graphic image here.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Dragon Realm! We appreciate sharing this project!

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