Flash story: Science fiction.

Release date: 15 August 2023

This flash fiction piece is part of Paranatellonta‘s 10th anniversary. Twice a month, Paranatellonta publishes one piece of flash fiction (of exactly ten sentences) inspired by a piece of visual artwork.

Refuge‘s inspiration artwork is provided by Fie, while Scrutiny by Minerva Cerridwen is the other half of this event (art by Ava). More about the event here.

Out now! Read it here.

Banner for the story "Refuge" as part of the Paranatellonta 10-year celebration. On the left side of this low, wide rectangle is a detail from a photo of redcurrants. The background of the rest of the banner is black with the number "360" in a large brown font. At the top, red letters spell out "Paranatellonta - 10 years", and below, the title "Refuge" is written in large, pale-pink capital letters, with "by Ava Kelly - art by Fie" to the right of it in half the font size.

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