Dear passenger,

The sun has set and the moon is high. We ride through the fields of misty ice on tracks of fiery ideas. In our path are stories: open your eyes, delight.

This is Ava. I’m an engineer, currently working with intelligent machines. I have a passion for science fiction, fantasy, and subverting tropes. My photography work revolves either around conceptual pieces, or still life at an angle (of perspective, lighting, or other things that can be skewed, rotated, or bent). My writing is mostly sci-fi and fantasy with a dash of weird and a dollop of hope. In my research life I’m known for being able to translate “tech babble” into easily understandable concepts (having confused my share of mathematicians, I feel inclined to share the magic).

Keep your hands, arms, tentacles and antennae inside the train at all times!


On this website you will find a blog here, with news about releases and some reviews. Works are listed here. Interviews, appearances, and events are listed here. Some of my visual artwork can be seen here and here.

If you wish, you can support me on Patreon or buy me a coffee.