Alia Terra: A Minute with the Cast!

Alia Terra: A Minute with the Cast!

Image depicting two characters of Alia Terra. The Tower Princess has short, dark hair. She wears roundish glasses and a white ie (traditional Romanian tunic) with embroidery in red thread. Her tiara is coppery with swirls, rebel curls poking out from underneath. The Tower Dragon is covered in purple scales and wears narrow glasses over which their brown eyes gaze with playful kindness. Their wavy horns complement their majestic presence.

Exclusive! The Dragon Realm is buzzing with anticipation as the cast of Alia Terra step onto the stage! In an dazzling appearance, the cast will answer questions in the forest auditorium. Entrance fee is one small rock. Fallen leaves are also accepted. See you there!

As we near the end of our preorder campaign, consider the exclusive add-ons, the hardcover, and letting people (and dragons, and kittens, and critters, and cryptids) about Alia Terra.

Read here the character sheets with portraits by Matthew Spencer.

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