Dragon Souls

Havesskadi is Book One of the Dragon Souls series. NineStar Press | GoodReads | Universal Link

Tags: High Fantasy, Adventure, Dragons, Shapeshifters, Slow Burn, Asexual, Panromantic.

Havesskadi has won the Rainbow Award for Best Asexual Debut Book (2018-2019), second place in the Asexual – Contemporary, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance & Romantic Comedy (2018-2019) category, and second place in the Best Asexual Book (2018-2019) category.

Havesskadi 2021 Dragoniversary

Dear passenger,

Three years ago, Havesskadi first saw the light of day. One year ago, the shinier second edition met the world. This February, celebrate with me! This is Havesskadi’s 2021 Dragoniversary.

This world has become precious. With quiet magic, the grumpy dragons in the Dragon Souls series will soon embark on more adventures, meet new foes and new friends, and create an eclectic family for themselves.

To celebrate, each of these three years brings new content.

· On February 22nd 2021: gemstone artwork as a screensaver package. Download here (Patreon, requires login) or here (Mediafire, no login).

Havesskadi 2021 Dragoniversary gemstorne screensavers thumbnail list with amethysts over a black background

· On February 24th 2021: Lost in Ynys, a crossover story with the world created by Minerva Cerridwen in The Dragon of Ynys. Read it here.

· On February 28th 2021: new short story set in Havesskadi’s universe. Read it here or here.